St Louis Community School – Jerusalema Challenge


Many people have suffered over the past year with the arrival of Covid-19, whether it be through family bereavements, job losses, business closures, financial worry or loneliness. However, now that the vaccine roll-out is well underway, there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope in our hearts.
In an effort to lift the spirits of everyone in our community of Kiltimagh, we decided to undertake the ‘Jerusalema Challenge’ with various clubs, businesses and organisations. Fast forward 8 weeks and the result is the following video. Thank you to Rachel Byrne, Rachel Ward, and Katie Brennan for embracing this ‘challenge’ and for all the hard work in its production. These transition year students have worked tirelessly behind the scenes and their patience, dedication and enthusiasm throughout was admirable. Thank you also to Brendan Feerick, Brendan Mooney, Oisín Solan, Orla Gibney and Eoghan Freeman for their invaluable contributions. And finally, thank you to everyone, young and old, who participated in this venture and for all the fun, laughs and giggles along the way!
We have had numerous queries since its completion as to whether this video was a fundraising venture. This production was only ever intended to lift the spirits of our community in difficult times, while showcasing our locality and our businesses ahead of re-opening after many long months. But while this venture is not a fundraiser in the monetary sense, its purpose is still to reach out to everyone. To that end, what we would ask of you is to please like, share and even comment on our video, and to ask your family and friends to do so also so we can reach our diaspora far and wide.
We hope you enjoy this production as much as we enjoyed making it. We hope it is a lovely reminder to everyone of all that Kiltimagh has to offer, the value of living in a small, close knit community and the beauty of our locality. We hope it gives a lift to all our loved ones living abroad who have missed and are missing family and friends at home. And finally, ahead of this bank holiday weekend, we hope it brings a smile to your face in what has been a very challenging year for all.
And remember when it rains it pours, but soon the sun shines again,
Stay safe everyone and enjoy!
Ms O Hora & Ms Hopkins, St. Louis Community School, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo.